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The compression pump and the wound care dressings help me a lot. The pump helped my legs a lot with the swelling. I recommmend you speak with someone from Acute Wound Care, LLC. They are very good at what they do and I couldn't have asked for better medicine for my legs.
Earldean D.Daytona Beach , Florida 09/10/2021


The compression device gives me a comforting feeling. It almost feels like I am relaxing in a spa. I enjoy taking that time to read and enjoy a good book. I did not realize that this product existed until the representative brought it to my home. It is a wonderful invention. The "sleeves" are easy to put on my legs. I am thankful that I can have this device to help reduce the edema in my feet and legs.
Barbara K.Naples , Florida 07/20/2021


The antibacterial gauze covering protected the wound while it healed. The Antibacterial silver and collagen promoted healing. The Acute Wound Care organization were helpful in helping me understand and properly apply wound care.
Robert S.Ft. Myers Beach , Florida 06/12/2021


The wound care dressing products have stopped the growth of my ulcers and helped the ulcers to not get infected. I recommend you call Acute Wound Care, LLC today for all your wound care supplies. I am thankful for the good treatment and attention I receive from this company.
Jose L.Miami , Florida 01/14/2021


My leg seems so much "lighter". I find the pumping sessions to be truly soothing. Please give it a try! I never would have believed it could make such a difference. I now use it on both of my legs. It is "shocking" to look at my leg after my pumping treatment. I can actually see the veins through out my legs. Please take the time to use this treatment. It is so worth it!!
Judi B.Naples , Florida 12/26/2020


My legs are swollen from my ankles to above my knees in the back. I took a couple days, almost a week to see that my legs finally look normal. My calves were hard as a rock and now they are much softer. Definetely try the compression pump on your legs. While applying the compression, it is so relaxing that I have actually fallen asleep. The results are excellent. I worked with Ana from day one and she has been super helpful throughout the whole process. Anytime I called she answered my questions perfectly. She emailed my information and an instructional video.
Carol T.Melbourne , Florida 09/22/2020


I highly recommend the pump. The pump reduced my swelling and water retention. Acute Wound Care's compression staff is very knowledgeable and courteous.
Charles D.Naples , Florida 08/20/2020


The swelling in my legs has gone down since using the pump. If you have any swelling in your body you should really try the pump.
Warren M.Davie , Florida 08/10/2020


My legs feel wonderful ever since I started using the compression pump treatment. I have seen a 50% reduction in my leg swelling. It is so easy to use.
Joseph R.Punta Gorda , Florida 07/27/2020


I had an excellent experience with Acute Wound Care. The compression therapist answered all my questions and after 50 days i seen improvment already.
Eileen B.Delray Beach , Florida 05/15/2020


Acute Wound Care staff proceeded to apply an excellent dressing to the small wound on my lower left leg, even the medical staff at my doctors office were impressed. I highly recommend the Acute Wound Care offie for wound care supplies. My advice to other patients is to record or take notes on what the Acute Wound Care staff informs you about bandaging your wounds.
Alan S.Ft Myers , Florida 2/16/2020


GREAT!! The compression therapist was wonderful and explained everything fully. My pump is very good.
Rowena P.Marco Island , Florida 2/6/2020


I recommend trying the pump, it is worth it.
Phil L.Ft Myers , Florida 1/31/2020


My experience with Acute Wound Care was very good. The use of the machine is well explained.
Felicidad M.Ft Myers , Florida 11/10/2019


My experience with Acute Wound Care was very satisfactory. They provide quality time and a good demonstration of how to use the equipment. I seen a significant reduction in my leg swelling.
Carl M.Ft Myers , Florida 11/10/2019


My experience with Acute Wound Care has been very good. They came to my house and unpacked and setup all the equipment and waited while I performed my first therapy session. The product is wonderful and has reduced my swelling and is quite relaxing to use.
Joseph C.Cape Coral , Florida 11/03/2019


My experience with Acute Wound Care, LLC was very good. The staff goes beyond to help patients.
David L.Punta Gorda , Florida 7/4/2019


I highly recommend Acute Wound Care, LLC, they provide excellent wound care. I think the leg sleeves are the best. My leg pain has been reduced.
Camilla Z.Cedar Lake , Indiana 7/3/2019


Since I began using the 8-chambered pump therapy, my swelling has gone down in my legs and the pain has been reduced. Also the open sores on my legs, that have been weeping fluid have healed. The staff at Acute Wound Care, LLC were attentive to details such as making sure the device fit my legs.
Harold M.Naples , Florida 07/01/2019


My Acute Wound Care, LLC experience was very good. This is a very good company to purchase wound care and durable medical equipment.
Barbara D.Tampa , Florida 06/27/2019


I was given good instructions on the compression pump.
Sharon S.Ft Myers, Florida 06/27/2019


My experience with Acute Wound Care, LLC was very good and efficient, They have quality products and services.
Dorothy D.Boynton Beach, Florida 06/26/2019


My experience with Acute Wound Care, LLC was very thorough. The staff was extremely knowledgable and answered my questions confidently.
Marian K.Bonita Springs, Florida 06/25/2019


Acute Wound Care is very professional with a very nice administering representative.
Nancy W.Naples , Florida 04/24/2019


My Acute Wound Care, LLC experience was excellent and I reallt felt they cared. If you are interested in wound care please call them, they are so helpful.
Patricia T.Lady Lake , Florida 04/24/2019


I have had two experiences with Acute Wound Care, LLC and I wound highly recommend this company. In both cases they knew exactly what I would need to heal my wounds and the products were convienently delivered right to my front door. The staff even checked on how I was doing and if I needed any additional supplies.
Carol L.Bonita Springs , Florida 04/21/2019


My experience with Acute Wound Care, LLC was great. The staff is very professional.
Alan G.Bonita Springs , Florida 04/19/2019


Acute Wound Care, LLC staff was exceptional in explaining the benefits of using the machine. It works, the swelling in my legs has been significantly reduced, I highly recommend.
Reva D.Lehigh Acres , Florida 04/17/2019


Acute Wound Care, LLC is fantastic. The staff is extremely informative. It was an excellent presentation by the therapist and so easy to use.
Christina V.Lehigh Acres , Florida 08/08/2018


The therapist was easy going and took his time to make sure I understood how to use properly. Please give it a try if you are interested, you will not be disaapointed.
Beth M.North Ft Myers , Florida 08/07/2018


The Acute Wound Care staff is very knowledgeable and the compression pumps helps greatly in keeping my pymphedema under control. I am so grateful tho their staff, they are angels.
Morton R.Naples , Florida 03/22/2018


My experience with Acute Wound Care, LLC was excellent. I highly recommend AWC to any potential patients.
Wes W.Estero , Florida 02/02/2018


I received immediate pain relief. After using the pump I was able to dance!! It was great to be pain free and sleep again!! Other interested should know the compression pump is easy to use and the relief is amazing. During a recent evacuation because of Hurricane Irma , I made sure to take my compression pump. It was worth it after long hours in the car.
Lise M.Juno Beach , Florida 10/10/2017


The specialty wound care dressings has speeded the recovery of my wounds. You need to give Acute Wound Care a chance to help you. Their timely response is very good.
Charles H.Bonita Springs , Florida 07/23/2017
The compression pump has helped keep the swelling down. I originally used it twice a day for an hour each time but now in the morning it is not swollen so I usually just use it at night.
Alice G.The Villages , Florida 4/01/2017
The Compression Pump is very helpful. I always wear loose fitting pants to avoid irritation, but it really helps my legs.
Harriott C.Delray Beach , Florida 1/8/2016


I was frustrated by using the Compression Stockings in order to control my leg swelling. They were impossible to get on easily. The Lymphedema Pump is easy to use and effective! It’s the answer to chronic leg swelling. It was also covered by my Insurance company, which made me happy.
Joseph F.Suntree , Florida 1/7/2016


The swelling is reduced and I am walking better. It also seems my circulation in my legs has improved. I am very satisfied with the product and with Acute Wound Care services. The company handled everything quickly and professionally.
America W.Everglades City , Florida 07/24/2021


The treatment has improved a little better with circulation and inflammation in my legs. The compression pump is definitely worth trying. The therapist Kurt was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.
Barbara G.Pembrooke Pines , Florida 07/29/2021


Using the pnuematic compression pump before bedtime settles my legs and is helping my swelling situation. I personally recommend trying the device. This machine has given me tremendous relief in my swelling.
Marilyn S.Naples , Florida 06/29/2021


The lymphedema compression pump lowers the stress on my vascular system. I recommend speaking with Acute Wound Care regarding getting this pump. Acute Wound Care, LLC is very service oriented and they are extremely knowledgeable.
Ron D.Naples , Florida 04/10/2021


I do not have to worry about getting my wound care supplies anymore.
Nadejd S.Miramar , Florida 12/24/2020


I can now wear my shoes and my legs do not feel as heavy. I recommend to other patients that have Lymphedema to try the compression pump. Acute Wound Care has given me the relief I have been in search of for more than ten years. Thank you Acute Wound Care!!
Rhonda S.Naples , Florida 09/09/2020


The Acute Wound Care products effectively treated and healed my leg wounds. I recommend these quality products. Acute Wound Care will definetely be my first choice in the future.
Joe C.Naples , Florida 08/07/2020


Acute Wound Care has allowed me to not have to worry about my wounds and just live my life. If you need wound care help please call Acute Wound Care, LLC.
Nadjejd S.Miramar , Florida 06/10/2020


Acute Wound Care is very professional and informative. The pump device is state of the art and it works great.
Ralph G.Naples , Florida 05/04/2020


Acute Wound Care staff is very good. They are very well versed on the pump equipment, what it does, how it works and they offer good instructions on how to use the pump. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and caring.
Terry M.Ft Myers , Florida 02/06/2020


The person who brought the equipment to our home was very cordial, caring and through in how to use the pump. Very good care and delivered to our home as promised.
Leroy H.Ft Myers , Florida 02/05/2020


My experience with Acute Wound Care, LLC was excellent. I feel so much better and my legs look great. Thank you Acute Wound Care.
Joseph G.Ft Myers , Florida 01/29/2020


The pump redcued the swelling in my legs. I recommend you learn more and use the pump. I am very thankful to Acute Wound Care, LLC.
Ellis G.Elkton , Florida 11/26/2018


I have always had great service from everyone who works at Acute Wound Care, LLC, especially Alyssa, who I have had the pleasure of working with for almost 6 years. Also ask them about products that might speed your healing. Everytime I asked I was sent samples to try.
Joel C.Punta Gorda , Florida 08/09/2018


The therapist was very professional. Definitely try the pump.
Jamie H.Cape Coral , Florida 07/28/2018


Acute Wound Care, LLC staff are very helpful and so easy to deal with.
William P.


After weeks of my wounds not healing, Acute Wounds Care’s wound care helped heal my wounds very quickly.
Mary B.Boynton Beach , Florida 01/30/2018


I would not be able to walk if not for the daily use of the leg compression pumps.
Georgianna M.Cape Coral , Florida 01/15/2018


Since I have been using the compression pump I have seen an immediate reduction in my legs and feet swelling. It definitely changed my life. I love it!!
Janet L.Fruitland Park , Florida 01/13/2018


My leg is less swollen after using the compression pump. It's not so stiff and feels much better. Use it every day.
Dorothy C.Boyton Beach , Florida 10/21/2017


My leg swelling has decreased, pain just about gone, I am able to walk better from the compression pump. Others interested, please talk to your doctor. There was nothing else they could do but recommend the compression pump. I am grateful for the help of Acute Wound Care.
Gladys S.Fort Myers Beach , Florida 6/23/2017


The pump has worked very well. The swelling of my legs are so much better. This treatment was ordered by my Doctor and she was right “it really works”. I would highly recommend that anyone suffering should try this compression pump. It is easy to use and everything is thoroughly explained to you. It is a great treatment.
Susie S.Miami , Florida 4/03/2017
The Compression Pump is so relaxing and I am so happy that I am able to walk without pain. I would encourage patients to go for it!
Betty L.Clewiston , Florida 2/17/2017
The Puracol Plus was a fast and safe treatment for my chronic wounds. I had immediate results with this product.
Walter R.Fort Myers , Florida 11/13/2016
The Compression Pump has given me my life back. Do it! You have everything to gain, nothing to lose. I am soon to be 90 years old. Swelling in both legs so bad, every step was painful. My life was at a standstill. Now I can walk pain-free, I can still drive, go shopping with the help of this machine.
Ollie W.Fort Myers , Florida 5/23/2016


AWC it very easy for getting wound care products and asking questions. Also great for getting the weird things I needed for treatment. They’re caring and can assist you easily. Alyssa has been great over the past few years, and now Elizabeth has been doing a great job for me.
Joel C.Punta Gorda , Florida 5/18/2016


I use the Compression Pump every day. Twice a day for 40 minutes each time. The swelling in my legs has gone down to almost none, except when I am on my feet too long. By all means if you suffer from Edema or Lymphedema like I do, try to get the pump and use it faithfully. It really helps you feel so much better. I also use Compression Socks every day & they have been very helpful. When I read the article in “Health News” Paper about my problem, no one could tell me what was wrong with my legs. It was after I developed Cellulitis that the Doctors really listened to me and addressed my problem. I had to have two infusions of Antibiotics before I started getting better and the socks & the Pump have been my salvation. I also had to have both of my legs wrapped with Wound Care Dressings for one week before I could stand the pain of the pressure of the Compression Pump or even the stockings.
Carmen N.Fort Myers , Florida 5/16/2016


I use it and I need it in my home. I have saved a lot of money on Doctor visits. It is great and I can also travel with it! Come see my Compression Device and I will show you how it works. I will give AWC your contact information so you can get a pump of your own. This Lymphedema Pump has been a Life Saver, especially during the hotter months, when the swelling increases in my arm.
Mary Jane D.Kearney , Nebraska 01/18/2016


Eased pain from swelling. Check out this product!
Marquita H.Inverness , Florida 01/15/2016


I was having trouble healing a couple of sores. Once I received the Wound Care products, it cleared up fast! Go for it! It helped me!
Sally T.Bonita Springs , Florida 01/02/2016


The compression pump has made a big difference in my comfort level, bringing down swelling and helps with the pain of lymphedema. Call Acute Wound Care to get the machine to use it daily.
Mary F.Marco Island , Florida


Always on your side always willing to help.
R.D.FNaples , Florida


In reference to the lymphedema pump and swelling “It helps reduce the swelling and has improves circulation. Do not be afraid to use the pump it does work and it will improve your quality of life.
Camille D.Estero , Florida


It decreased the Lymphedema I had developed after Heart Surgery. It also allowed me to exercise more. I can walk more easily due to reduction of the swelling in my ankle area. Do an internet search and visit their website to see all their products and services.
Joseph J.Port Charlotte , Florida 01/04/2016


The greatest thing is the compression pump. I can get shoes on and it helps foot pain and controls swelling. Best thing I have tried yet. Acute Wound Care is the only agency that has helped me this much.
Sharon R.Estero , Florida


Swelling in my legs has improved 80%, already in use 3 months or so. No more redness in my legs…I have more energy and a lot less pain when walking or exercising. Talk to your doctor and Acute Wound Care. This will greatly improve your life.
Thomas F.Brooklyn , New York


The pump has greatly reduced (my) bilateral lower extremity Lymphedema and Cyanosis.” What would you tell other patients? “Pump will help their Lower extremity circulation greatly.
Walter Fredrick M.D.Naples , Florida



The sequential compression pump has helped my circulation and swelling. It has also especially reduced the pain in my legs. I would highly recommend them. They are designed with the intention of the greatest positive results and improved quality of life for the patient. The staff of Acute Wound Care, LLC goes above and beyond to ensure the patient is receiving the best care possible and are dedicated to improving theie lives and health.
Mary G.Naples, Florida 09/07/2021


Acute Wound Care, LLC. assisted with healing and coverage of the wound. Their staff is very helpful.
Ronald B.Benton Harbor, Michigan 05/17/2021


I could not believe how my legs and feet look. The compression pump really makes my legs and feet feel so good. I would tell other patients that Acute Wound Care is amazing. Try the pump you will love it.
Danny L.Naples , Florida 09/20/2020


My wound is almost healed. Acute Wound Care really does a great job.
Ruth T.Estero , Florida 08/13/2020


The compression pump makes my legs look normal. Acute Wound Care products work, you can see the improvement.
Robert H.Iona , Florida 08/05/2020


I received the wound care supplies and it helped heal my wounds and Medicare covered 80%.
Frank C.Okeechobee , Florida 06/08/2020


My experience with Acute Wound Care was outstanding. To other patient interested my advise to you is to pursue this pump without question.
Charles C.Naples , Florida 05/04/2020


Acute Wound Care staff is very professional and willing to work with patients. Our compression pump works very well. Everyone was extremely easy to work with and were very helpful
Linda P.Ft Myers , Florida 02/06/2020


The Acute Wound Care representative explained the operation of the unit to us and we experienced no problems. This pump is very helpful in reducing my leg swelling.
John P.Ft Myers , Florida 01/27/2020


The wound supplies I received are very good. Acute Wound Care, LLC is great to work with and doing my own wound care wrapping at home is so much easier than traveling back and forth to the doctor.
William H.Port Richey , Florida 11/27/2018


The compression pump works real good. Any patients feeling trepidation in getting the pump, I recommend you get the pump, it really works.
Warren W.Cape Coral , Florida 08/07/2018


Acute Wound Care, LLC is great, if you have the swelling call them, they will help you.
William H.Port Richey , Florida 08/10/2018


I received a compression pump and wound care dressings. Acute Wound Care, LLC was very educational and extremely professional.
Freddy R.Lehigh Acres , Florida 07/28/2018


For wound care dressings the collagen is terrific!!! Patients should use Acute Wound Cares products. Thank you Acute Wound Care for your help.
Gerald T.Naples , Florida 10/14/2017


My leg is less swollen after using the compression pump. It's not so stiff and feels much better. Use it every day.
Dorothy C.Boyton Beach , Florida 10/21/2017
For wound care dressings the collagen is terrific!!! Patients should use Acute Wound Care products. Thank you Acute Wound Care for your help. 
Gerald T.
The compression pump helps getting rid of leg cramps and improves circulation. I recommend the compression pump
Sue M.Sanibel , Florida 8/03/2017
I had severe pain, daily, before using the Compression Pump. After starting with the Pump and using it every day, the pain is gone. I would highly recommend trying this. It’s worth a try if it takes the pain away and makes you more mobile. Before I tried this I believed you had to live with the pain & immobility. But, I was so wrong. It has made a remarkable improvement and I am so very pleased with this!
Maureen J.Springfield , Florida 9/17/2016
Helped me from developing infection or tissue loss. Try different products to see what you respond the best to. Grateful for AWC’s help. My wound has closed up and healed.
Joanna M.Palm Beach Gardens , Florida 9/15/2016


The Compression Pump takes the swelling down in my legs. It has made my legs feel good and not have the heaviness in them. I can now stand for longer periods. I would encourage patients with vein problems to ask about this pump because it is great and because it helps with venous return. I feel very fortunate to have this pump and thankful that my Doctor made it possible by prescribing it.
Jessie J.Wellington , Florida 9/8/2016


Thank you for introducing me to this product. My firsthand experience is favorable and interesting. Interesting because it is the first time I had ever heard about this Technology The Compression pump is working well and I am happy with the results.
Malcolm S.


My one leg that was always swollen, isn’t anymore. I feel that I am normal again with the same size legs now. Don’t hesitate to call Acute Wound Care. I had previously tried all kinds of massages for my legs, but they didn’t keep the swelling down. After my surgery, I thought I would have to live with this condition. I was Very depressed because the swelling bothered me. My pants never fit correctly on one of my legs because of the swelling. My Doctors told me I would have to live with the swelling, but thanks to Acute Wound Care, I have gotten the swelling under control.
Jean B.Venice , Florida 1/09/2016


I could only find some of the products through Acute Wound Care. They have great service and I received my products the day after I had them order. They also followed up with a phonecall to see if I would need anymore product. Use them exclusively if possible. Wound Care was a very pleasant experience. The staff is friendly, they follow up and have the next day delivery option. An Absolutely wonderful company!
Ralph H.Naples , Florida 1/08/2016


Since I started using the compression pump treatment for my feet and legs, the swelling has gone down. I had a hard time fitting into my shoes before the pump. I feel very happy with this treatment because it has improved my health.
Ana M.Naples , Florida


Yes it works great. If you need it and can get it. Get it.
Robert P.


Very Well, they are the best in the field. I am very pleased with your service to me and thank you very much.
Augustine T.Nordiem , Texas


Thank you for being so efficient, kind, caring, and knowledgeable! It is a pleasure to call and know that you will be helpful and responsive.
J.V.Port Charlotte , Florida


The compression pump did 2 positive things for me:
1: It greatly reduced the swelling in my legs caused by edema.
2: It helped reduce the wound sites in my legs.
The results were very dramatic. I strongly recommend the product. I was told it could be “a game changer” and it certainly was that.
Beverly R.Estero , Florida


The machine for my leg has helped my circulation…a lot more than anything I have tried in the past. Also wound care products helped in healing my cellulitis problem. I would strongly advise that they try them because they do more help than you realize…My doctor in NY saw how helpful the product was. Words cannot express how helpful they have been.
E Dineen.Port Charlotte , Florida


Great!… I would highly recommend your products to other patients.
K.MNaples , Florida


The wound care products helped very much. I would tell others interested to go for it!
Svatava H.Naples , Florida 3/28/2017
It keeps the swelling down from Lymphedema in my legs, and my legs feel better after use. You should try it out yourself. My machine was prescribed to keep the “status quo” on my legs from “weepy veins & Lymphedema”. Cellulitis was frequent, but with the Compression Pump and antibiotics, the infection has gone away. The best part about the machine is that it makes my legs feel great.
Sally G.
I smile much more knowing the Compression Pump in some way has extended my walking and driving life. I would not be comfortable without my Compression Pump. Using my Compression Pump gives me the confidence to continue driving safely.
Ronald P.Naples , Florida 8/25/2016


I would absolutely recommend the compression pump! It has helped the terrible pain in my legs. It makes walking much better! Thank-you! Always give it a try. You won’t know the difference of improvement of the problem unless you give the product a chance.
E. SnyderFort Myers, Florida 6/15/2016